All about Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is:

  • Much more than self hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is a way to work with your body to ensure a positive birth experience. It is a completely logical and extremely effective established method that lets you discover the joy and magic of birth. It is deeply relaxing and effective, and allows your mind and your body to work in harmony, the way nature intended
  • Argued to be the antenatal course that makes the biggest difference to the birth experience
  • A removal of negative thoughts, replacing them with positive words. This enables a calm, comfortable and relaxed birth.

Hypnobirthing enables a number of things:

  • A calm, comfortable and natural birth
  • Few if any interventions are needed
  • Shorten the length of labour
  • Parents feel more in control
  • Lessen the physical impact of childbirth
  • Fathers are more involved
  • Baby can enter the world drug free.
Hypnobirthing classes
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Working with your body – Not against it.

No more Fear – Tension – Pain.

Giving birth can be an empowering and positive experience.

With Hypnobirthing you learn:

  • Fear release methods to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth
  • Self-hypnosis inducing deep relaxation
  • Massage techniques – stimulating endorphins, your body's natural anaesthetic
  • Visualisation exercises to keep you grounded, serene and positive
  • How your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably.
Birth Stories

The following birth stories all explain how hypnobirthing has enriched the lives of the writers. If you have an experience you wish to share please email me.

A very calm water birth

Hi Just wanted to thank you for your very clever hypnobirthing teaching skills. It must have worked as we had a very calm water birth. Managed alot longer than expected at home. Eddie was amazing for the whole time. Did use gas and air but even the midwife was very impressed. Amelias heart rate stayed the same throughout. I was able to focus, stay calm and make logical decisions. Slight issue at the end when the placenta would not come away. But even when being transferred to Pembury from the birth centre there were no dramas. 5 mins there and it was out! We had her at 3.03am and was home by 12.15 same day.

x thanks again x


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The most amazing and unbelievable experience

Hi Lisa I hope you're well. Patrick and I just wanted to give you an update – Scarlet is finally here!!!

My water broke at 8.15am on Saturday and unfortunately there was meconium in it so once we arrived at margate at about 9.15am they told me I wouldn't be able to go to the midwife led unit or use a birthing pool. Although I had a brief moment of disappointment and sadness, we stayed focused, gave them our birth plan and moved forward.

We were then informed shortly after by the supervisor that it would be best to be induced. I could already feel things moving along, and we had set up the room, dimmed the lighting and had our music playing and created a very calm atmosphere. Patrick stressed to them how much I wanted to avoid being induced and our midwife was really understanding.

At about 11.45am I was feeling in very full swing of things but the consultant arrived again to suggest an induction. (Since I was able to speak to him without being doubled over in pain – the effects of hypnobirthing!!!) The midwife stepped in and asked if I could have an exam first then go from there. To their surprise at 12.00pm I was 4cm and fully effaced. She then suggested we wait another 4 hours until re-examining and go from there before jumping to an induction.

Well, needless to say I stayed calm and focused and the power of my body and the focus of my mind took over. Scarlet Grace was born naturally at 1.27pm, in what I can only describe as the most beautiful and empowering moment of my life.

Just a short four hours after arriving at the hospital she was in my arms. At a whopping 8lbs 11oz I miraculously didn't need a single stitch!!!

I am feeling amazing considering it's only been 3 days and am active and mobile and feel totally relaxed. Scarlet is doing amazing and Georgia loves her new little sister. And my little sister arrived from America yesterday morning just in time to welcome us home from hospital!

I can't thank you enough for your support and sharing your hypnobirthing course with us. Although things didn't go exactly as I had "planned", it turned out to be the most amazing and unbelievable experience that I know was due to taking the course with you.

I hope to see you soon and scarlet looks forward to meeting you!!

Tara xx

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A new approach the second time round

We decided to try Hypnobirthing for my second pregnancy, as I wanted to feel more in control, calmer and prepared this time around.

The course opened up a new way of approaching the birth and filled me with the positivity and strength I needed. We learnt about being able to make choices we felt we couldn't make before and having the confidence to do so. My partner came away feeling he knew exactly what his role was and how he would support me during birth. Lisa was informative, friendly and extremely supportive to my specific issues.

We came away from the course feeling empowered and excited about a birth which I had previously feared.

My labour was super fast and I ended up birthing at home, by my bed side. I had a completely drug free birth and literally just breathed my baby out…something I never dreamed I could do! It was all down to Hypnobirthing and I have Lisa to thank for what was a wonderful birth experience.

Jaina x

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Homebirth to hospital

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and practised every single day for three months. I found the practise very helpful in itself especially at the end when I was 12 days over due! It was a marvellous tool during those final days – I just lounged on my bean bag in the garden listening to my scripts feeling so positive and happy. I also found that doing them with my husband each night meant we both slept better than we ever have.

I had planned a home birth and despite eventually transferring to hospital was still very pleased to have started at home. I woke with gentle contractions – every hour or so – I carried on as normal and enjoyed a lovely sunday pottering around with my husband, buying flowers and enjoying the anticipation. After 15 or so hours they fairly suddenly became strong and regular – every 2 or 3 minutes – I enjoyed another 12 hours of home labouring – in the bath and on the floor of my bedroom. Our midwife was wonderful, sitting downstairs and just popping up to check on us every so often. 7 hours after established labour began my cervix was fully dilated on one side but hardly open on the other side – I gave it another 8 hours at home but eventually my contractions started to peter out without effecting the other side of my cervix.

I decided to go to hospital to have my waters broken and once there opted for an epidural. The pushing stage went well but the baby showed signs of distress after a couple of hours and they used forceps to bring her out.

Despite it not being exactly as I had planned – no tea and crumpets in bed 20 mins after birth!! I was still extremely pleased I had opted for a homebirth. It was a wonderful (and wild!) experience and I will choose a homebirth for my second baby should I be lucky enough to have another child in future.

My beautiful baby daughter is 4 months old now and really is the light of my life.


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Seeking a better experience

I did a hypnobirthing course early last year and I have been meaning to send you my birth story as I think you might find it interesting or useful. As a bit of background, this was my second pregnancy following a very traumatic emergency caesarean delivery of twins four years previously and because of this I started your course with quite a lot of 'baggage' and fear. I desperately wanted to avoid another caesarean but because so many things had gone wrong during the delivery of my twins I was very much stuck in a pessimistic mindset – I had very little faith that things would go 'my way', however much I wished for it. My twins' birth had proved to me how little control you can have, how birth can be something that is 'done' to you.

I think I was an excellent candidate for hypnobirthing. On one hand you'd imagine the best person would be someone with no pre-conceptions, but as someone who was tied up by the sheer awfulness of her previous birth I can say that the course was revelatory. I had no idea what it would do for me and I didn't imagine that it would guarantee me a VBAC or intervention-free delivery, but I did feel strongly that it would help me towards a more positive mindset, and that can only be a good thing. I left the course on the second day feeling very positive – I really did feel as if I could do it, that a vaginal delivery was not an impossible dream and that hypnobirthing had given me the tools to a) enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and not stress about the delivery, and b) have faith that I could take control of elements of my labour. This last point was no small deal as the delivery of my twins had felt totally beyond my control. For next ten weeks of my pregnancy I continued listening to my hypnobirthing download (on my iPhone), read and re-read the Hypnobirthing Workbook and really tried to understand the physical element of labour – what was going to happen to my body during it and how hypnobirthing/my breathing exercises and visualisations could help. I also talked to my doula and spoke to a pro-VBAC senior midwife at my hospital – in short I did all that I could to get everything in place.

Of course the best laid plans… My second birth, on paper, is pretty terrible. I ended up with another emergency caesarean delivery which of course makes it seem as if I 'failed' and hypnobirthing failed me. In fact, I think my birth is probably the most positive testament to hypnobirthing that there can be and I view the delivery of my baby with nothing short of euphoria, which is such a contrast to my first birth. I hope you'll agree that the following shows how important hypnobirthing can be for every kind of labour and delivery and even a 'failed' VBAC can be the most positive hypnobirth of all.

As I have said, on paper this was a terrible birth. Thankfully my baby is healthy and wonderful and none the worse for his traumatic entry in the world. We truly have a miracle baby. Part of that miracle is that I see his birth as one of the most amazing and positive experiences of my life. Perhaps this is helped by the fact that the birth of his sisters was so terrible that anything else would have felt positive by comparison, but this is only in part. His birth is probably more traumatic and yet I was a different person during it and afterwards and I put this wholly down to hypnobirthing and the breathing I used.

My husband was a huge sceptic about hypnobirthing, to the extent that he didn't come on the course with me. He was very supportive of my decision to do it but I think he felt it was probably a load of old mumbo jumbo and would involve him having to do something embarrassing whilst sitting cross-legged on a beanbag. Having seen me in labour and in the operating theatre he is now a complete convert and thinks everyone should do it. He says I was calm and seemed almost pain-free, even though I felt very far from that.

To my mind, hypnobirthing is a very personal thing and it works in different ways for different people. Perhaps some people do manage a pain-free delivery with hypnobirthing. That didn't happen for me but what it did give me was an ability to control and understand the pain. It changed my understanding of the physiological and mental and emotional elements of birth and allowed me to see it as a positive process that I could be part of rather than subsumed by. It also gave me a wonderful birth from something that, on paper at least, was very far from that. How can I feel so happy and fulfilled by something that was essentially so terrible and terrifying? How can I view my birth as a success when, in essence, my plans for a vaginal delivery failed? Hypnobirthing gave me that. It gave me freedom and control and emotional peace on a day that should have had none. That is a great testament to its power. The fact that I view that day as I do makes me feel as if my hypnobirthing story is a greater success story than the woman who births her baby silently and pain-free and euphoric in a pool.

My advice to any pregnant woman would be to do hypnobirthing. It can't guarantee you a pain-free, intervention-free birth or even a vaginal birth but it can give you a positive, euphoric and life-changing experience whatever the outcome and that is priceless.


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No more fear, tension or pain

Hypnobirthing changed my life completely! I turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life!


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Understanding and control

Prior to starting hypnobirthing I had not given labour much thought. It wasn't because I was particularly fearful, but more because I felt there was nothing I could do to have control over the situation. I would just have to go with whatever my body decided.

However as soon as I started the course, I realised how wrong this thought was. Although my body would take control and deliver my baby, I could still be in the driving seat in terms of how I coped with this and embraced the experience. The hypnobirthing course helped me understand that I still had the final say in decisions. It helped me prepare for what was to come and the scripts were almost like a practise run. As a mal-coordinated individual, the course allowed me to think about my birthing and align my body and thoughts.

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, is in the fact that I gave birth to my beautiful little boy on nothing but a single dose of parcetamol! I found the whole experience empowering and I can safely say it hasn't put me off having another one!


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